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LİYA TEST since its beginning has been the designer and manufacturer of its Concrete, Aggregate, Cement, Soil and Asphalt testing machines, accessories, hardware and software.  

LİYA TEST is located in Ostim Industrial Zone in Ankara. 

We strive at utilizing the leading-edge technology available within our application areas in our efforts to provide optimal and cost-effective software, hardware and systems solutions to our customers. 

Our products are used in production facilities of construction companies, ready mixed concrete manufacturers, cement plants, brick and tile plants, and paving stone plants; also in research & development laboratories of governmental organizations as Directorate of Highways, The Ministry of Public Work and Settlement, State Hydraulic Works, Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration; and in research and quality control studies of Civil, Geology, Mining, Mechanical Engineering Faculties of Universities.

On the side of companies and organization in Turkey market LİYA TEST is also supplier of its products and services to not only end user companies but also manufacturer and dealer companies.

All LİYA TEST products are tested to guarantee quality, dependability and performance, and are backed by the international standards and industry's leading warranties. Our aim is to provide you with 100% satisfaction with your product investment and our support backup. Years of experience, a proven track record, carefully managed and audited quality systems and above all, a caring team are in place to help us meet our key customer objective and satisfy your requirements.

LİYA TEST is aiming to become world leading manufacturer of material testing equipment.

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